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Fast track airport services

While the aviation industry made flying faster and more accessible than ever, it has also brought a huge security process that can be daunting at times. No one wants you to be stuck in queues to go through all that when you can be enjoying your journey in the new city. We can help you with that!

Black Limousines has more than chauffeurs; we consider them first-class business partners. They have years of experience with events like those, so they are prepared to assist you through customs and any other step between your flights. Of course, we offer fast tracking services at no additional cost.

If you and the other passengers in the group request it in advance, we can have the chauffeur wait for the group at the aircraft exit, which is the right place to begin. They can help collecting the necessary documents and walking you through the complete series of steps without waiting in long lines.

Discover Your Benefits

  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the reference in the luxury market.
  • English-fluent drivers who are familiar with the local streets.
  • Customized services according to the needs of your group.
  • Full flexibility in terms of scheduling date, time and location.
  • Close attention to the special requests your group may have.

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How can I book fast tracking?

1. Book your ride with Black Limousines

One of the benefits of riding with us is that you get access to a customized service. We will use a VIP car tailored to your needs and offer a professional and experienced chauffeur. They will be waiting for you right at the arrival terminal at the airport.

2. Get the fast track airport started!

Your chauffeur is actually a transportation specialist. They will compile everything you need to bring and assist you through customs and baggage claim. You will save hours on queues and make your life easier by planning your tasks along with the chauffeur.

3. Make yourself comfortable in the car!

Once you have gone through airport security, you will be personally escorted to the luxury car or van from our company.

What is your vehicle availability?

Are you looking for an elegant car to drive you from the airport gate? Or a spacious van so your whole family can come with you? Black Limousines has a combination of VIP cars to offer, which is essential for a company that takes pride in planning customized transportation services for you and your group.

business class chauffeur service

Business class

This is the best category for people who want to balance agile transportation with a cost-efficient budget. We use the Mercedes-Benz E-Class or similar vehicles, and seat up to three passengers.

Our Business Class vehicles come equipped with luxury amenities including leather seats, climate control, and ambient lighting to ensure your travel is both comfortable and stylish. Designed for efficiency and sophistication, this service is ideal for business trips, airport transfers, or any journey where comfort and reliability are paramount.

First Class

In this category, we offer the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or other similar vehicles. We offer the pinnacle of ground transportation for three people and luggage. Unparalleled comfort, safety, and silence!

Our VIP class was designed to provide you with ultimate luxury and sophistication. We select the finest vehicles in the market so we can offer comfort, safety, and refinement. The VIP cars feature ample legroom, premium sound systems, and privacy items such as tinted windows. This way, you can relax or catch up with work in a truly exclusive environment.

first class chauffeur service
mercedes v class

Group transportation

For situations where you have a large travel group, we have the Mercedes-Benz V-Class or similar vans ready for your group. They seat much larger numbers of people, but offer the very same high standards.

If you are traveling with a large party, there is no need to worry. Black Limousines offers first-class business vans that seat up to nine passengers. They offer plenty of room for everyone and their suitcases, not to mention amenities such as reclinable seats, tinted windows, premium sound systems, and automatic climate control. Your entire crew will be able to travel in style.

What other services can I access?

Our passengers have much more than a luxury car to drive them to and from airports. Our chauffeurs are experienced with the security process of most airlines, so they can offer simple and efficient fast tracking. Additionally, they will help with your luggage so you can make yourself comfortable in the car.

Let's make the initial contact

You can call us, send us an email message, start a WhatsApp chat, or fill the online request form available on this page. Either way, we will reply with a service quote.

List everything you will need

If you ask for the fast track service in advance, you will not need to wait for anything else. Your chauffeur will be ready to assist you as soon as you arrive at the airport.

Complete fast track pass

As soon as you arrive, the chauffeur will meet your party and help you pass security without any lines involved. Finally, when everything is cleared, they can take care of your luggage while escorting you to your limousine.

24/7 phone line for extra support

You have a true elite status with us. If you or any of the other passengers in your group needs additional support, all you have to do is call. We have a 24/7 line that will be there for you.

List of Airports where we work

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