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We know that no one likes to arrive from a flight and spend an hour trying to leave the airport. Black Limousines offers a VIP airport transfer service: our chauffeur will be waiting for you at the gate and escort you to the car!

Traveling by plane can be exhausting. There are long distances to cover by walking, there might be long lines to check your baggage, you will have to wait a long time to board… not to mention there might be flight delays. Fortunately, things can go much more smoothly once the flight ends. Black Limousines now offers a customized VIP airport transfer service to assist you as soon as you arrive.

When you contact us beforehand, all you have to do is inform the date and time of your flight, and your destination – that may be your hotel or a conference venue, for example. Our chauffeur will be waiting for you at the arrival gate, so they can assist you with your baggage. Your only job will be to enter the car, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy a quiet and peaceful ride in our limousines.

With Black Limousines, you can get:

  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the reference in the luxury market.
  • English-fluent drivers who are familiar with the local streets.
  • Customized services according to the needs of your group.
  • Full flexibility in terms of scheduling date, time and location.
  • Close attention to the special requests your group may have.

or call us:

+49 221 999 687 40

List of Airports where we work

Airports where we offer our greeting services

MUC Airport limousine service

MUC Airport (Munich Airport)

Airport transfer service Meet`n`Greet VIP Fast Track
BER Airport limousine service

BER Airport (Berlin Airport)

Airport transfer service Meet`n`Greet VIP Fast Track
FRA Airport limousine service

FRA Airport (Frankfurt Airport)

Airport transfer service Meet`n`Greet VIP Fast Track
DUS Airport limousine service

DUS Airport (Dusseldorf Airport)

Airport transfer service Meet`n`Greet VIP Fast Track
CGN Airport limousine service

CGN Airport (Cologne Airport)

Airport transfer service Meet`n`Greet VIP Fast Track
STR Airport limousine service

STR Airport (Stuttgart Airport)

Airport transfer service Meet`n`Greet VIP Fast Track
FKB Airport limousine service

FKB Airport (Baden Baden Airport)

Airport transfer service Meet`n`Greet VIP Fast Track
HAM Airport limousine service

HAM Airport (Hamburg Airport)

Airport transfer service Meet`n`Greet VIP Fast Track
AMS Airport limousine service

AMS Airport (Amsterdam Airport)

Airport transfer service Meet`n`Greet VIP Fast Track
CDG Airport limousine service

CDG Airport (Paris Airport)

Airport transfer service Meet`n`Greet VIP Fast Track
ZRH Airport limousine service

ZRH Airport (Zurich Airport)

Airport transfer service Meet`n`Greet VIP Fast Track
VIE Airport limousine service

VIE Airport (Vienna Airport)

Airport transfer service Meet`n`Greet VIP Fast Track

How can I Book a
Limousine ride?

We make this process quite easy. You can contact us through email messages, phone calls, or the online request form available on our website. Either way, there are very simple steps to follow:

1. Book your ride with us

Make sure to inform everything you need from us. How many passengers will there be, where will you go in the city and, of course, the date and time of your flight. Feel free to add special requests in case you have them. This way, we will be able to select the perfect car for you and your group.

2. Meet our VIP chauffeur

Once you book your ride, you will receive a confirmation email message. It will have all the details of your order as well as the chauffeur’s contact details. However, all you will need to do is arrive as you informed us. The chauffeur will be there for you at the arrival gate with a sign with your name.

3. Enjoy the enjoy your limousine ride

Our chauffeur will take your luggage and walk with you towards the car, which will be parked close to the arrival gate. While they load the suitcases onto the trunk, you can simply enter the limousine and make yourself comfortable. You are going to enjoy a peaceful, yet agile ride to the destination.

Which car will be
picked for my ride?

Black Limousines makes sure to use top-tier vehicles. In Germany, for example, we have a full fleet of Mercedes-Benz cars: S-Class for VIP customers, V-Class for larger travel groups, and even an EQS for passengers who want an environmentally friendly ride. All our vehicles are replaced when they turn 5 years old, and they all undergo a rigorous maintenance routine whenever they finish a trip.

mercedes e class

Business class

This is the best category for people who want to balance agile transportation with a cost-efficient budget. We use the Mercedes-Benz E-Class or similar vehicles, and seat up to three passengers.

Our Business Class vehicles come equipped with luxury amenities including leather seats, climate control, and ambient lighting to ensure your travel is both comfortable and stylish. Designed for efficiency and sophistication, this service is ideal for business trips, airport transfers, or any journey where comfort and reliability are paramount.

mercedes s clas

First Class

We use the Mercedes-Benz E-Class or equivalent models for people who are looking for agile and efficient transportation. They seat three passengers and have plenty of room for all their luggage.

Our Business Class airport transfer service is designed to provide a stress-free start or end to your journey. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by one of our professional chauffeurs at the airport, holding a sign for easy identification. They will assist with your luggage and guide you to your waiting vehicle. This service is not just about getting you to your destination; it's about ensuring a smooth, comfortable, and timely transit, with enough space for you and your belongings.

mercedes v class

Group transportation

If you are traveling with more people, we have just the right option for you. The V-Class offers seats for everyone while preserving the same comfort and safety standards of the previous categories.

Our Group Transportation service is tailored for larger groups looking for an efficient, comfortable, and safe airport transfer. Whether you're traveling with family, friends, or colleagues, the Mercedes-Benz V-Class ensures that everyone in your party can travel together in style. The spacious cabin is designed to accommodate larger groups without sacrificing the luxury and comfort that our clients expect. With ample room for luggage, everyone can pack what they need without worrying about space constraints.

What Services
Are included?

Of course, our VIP airport transfer is more than a simple car ride. When you book a transportation service with Black Limousines, you get access to a full VIP experience, which we have perfectioned through over our decade of experience in the industry. Here, we have compiled a list of the sub-services that are included with your limousine transfer before the special requests you might have.

Confirmation email with details

Once you book your ride with us, we summarize all the details of your reservation on that message. We also include the chauffeur’s contact information in case you need to get in touch with them.

Meet & greet at the airport gate

Our chauffeur will be at the specified place right when you arrive. They will hold a sign with either your name or your company’s name (at your request), so you can easily find them in the crowd.

Full assistance with your luggage

The chauffeur will handle your luggage from the moment you arrive. They will load it onto the car’s trunk and unload it at the destination. This way, you can focus on sitting back and enjoying the ride.

Limousine ride with a chauffeur

Black Limousines only works with modern cars and skilled chauffeurs. This is the best combination of resources to offer you a comfortable and quiet, yet safe and agile, ride to wherever you need!

24/7 phone line for extra support

If you ever need to contact us before or during your ride, there will be a specific phone line for that. You may call us at any time and ask whatever you need. Our representatives will be happy to help.


Leave a request and our specialist will contact you and confirm your reservation

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