About Us

Welcome to BlackLimousines

We have come a long way

BlackLimousines was founded in 2011 with its headquarters located in Germany. Back then, the transportation industry was already filled with limousine agencies especially in the major cities. Offering the same as them was not a possibility because we lacked their tradition and image. Our only alternative was to find a whole new path to follow.

We dedicated ourselves to not only provide limousine transportation, but also observe and study our own service. We asked for feedback from both clients and workers, and we searched for possible points of improvement. The strategy of finding new market niches is highly common in the worldwide industry especially among young companies.

To make a long story short, our findings gradually shaped the services we now offer to our clients. Our signature trait is to offer custom solutions to every single one of them. We do not try to force clients into predefined service packages; our modus operandi is to ask the client what services they want from us, then proceed to make them happen.

Now, we are fully aware that this is a strong statement. What makes us that confident is the fact that we prepare ourselves. First of all, we only work with the best drivers in the industry. After a strict selection process, we regularly apply rigorous tests to assess their health and skills. And we are glad to apply training courses whenever necessary.

Parallel to that, we keep our fleet in top condition. We choose the best vehicles in their segments, execute maintenance tasks according to a strict schedule, and renew them every few years. We take this seriously because we know that new cars offer the latest technologies in favor of comfort and safety. We want the best for you and our drivers.

Operating with those bases has made BlackLimousines thrive over the past decade. It is our pride and joy to say that we have become a reference in this industry especially considering that we are younger than several competitors. We have earned a spot in major associations of this field, such as the National Limousine Association in Europe.

Nowadays, BlackLimousines operates in 16 European cities and has a wide network of partners. We have worked with over a thousand clients, so we have had requests of all types. Those characteristics have given us the support to design unique solutions so as to offer each one exactly what they need. That ensures their satisfaction in the end.

The words above are nothing but a symbol of everything we can do for you and your company. Once you send us the details of what you need, our representatives will be happy to reply with our service offer. As soon as we reach an agreement, all you have to do is sit back and relax. Your transportation needs will be handled by the very best.