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Limousine Service Cologne provides Limousine Service solutions for private and corporate clients. Rent our luxury sedan, business van or luxury minibus and enjoy the ride to your destination in Cologne. Whether you are in need of a limousine for a luxurious, convenient airport transfer or a van to comfortably transport a small group, Cologne Limousine Service is here to serve you. We proudly offer a wide selection of vehicles to suit your needs.

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Cologne’s First Class Transfer services

In addition to the standard rental of a sleek sedan, spacious van or chic limousine, we will gladly accommodate your travel needs with a customized vehicle lease. From a tour of the countryside in one of our well-appointed vehicles to a luxurious night on the town, we at First Class Transfer are happy to provide you with the transportation you need to travel in style.

Whether your visit is for business or leisure, you'll find your trip infinitely more pleasurable when experienced from the comfort of a high-end vehicle. Impress clients or simply enjoy the ultimate in luxurious travel.

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Skilled and Well Trained Team of Professionals

First Class Transfer take full responsibility for each of its team members. Every personnel unit in our company goes through very serious checks before he or she can begin to work with us. It includes checks for drug abuse, previous crime records. For drivers we make very serious selection based on driving quality and professionalism. It's all made so that you can be sure that your people are in good hands.

Extras and Free Gifts to Enjoy

Rain is not a problem when you have an umbrella. With us you always have it, because we provide each limo vehicle with some useful extras. High quality bottled water to stay hydrated. Fresh newspapers and magazines to be informed about the latest happenings in the local area.Wi-Fi internet connection can be provided on the demand as well.

Transportation Manager Available for Hire

Travel planning and management for big corporate events can be very time and energy-consuming. Why bother yourself with such a complex thing when you can easily outsource it to us? Let us know if you're looking for this service, we will get all the details needed to accomplish it from you and will begin to plan the routes and schedules. FCT company has big experience in organizing huge events for business and political occasions.

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Chauffeur service in Cologne

When preparing a serious business meeting you need to be sure about the quality of your transport. You can't simply rent a taxi to meet your important business partner without feeling some level of anxiety. For this kind of occasion you need to have something more serious, some guarantees that the driver will be polite, well-trained and keep your business partner in a good mood before your talks.

That is when a good limo service as our chauffeur service in Cologne can come in handy. With our chauffeurs trained specially for VIP transportation you can be sure that your partner will be received very well. Stay calm and focus on what is really important for you, we will take care about the rest. Contact us now and request an airport "meet and greet" service or transportation from a hotel and we will gladly help you out.

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Cologne airport transfers

Have You Ever Tried Our Airport Limousine Service Cologne?

Airport transportation by Limousine Service Cologne is a serious solution for serious people. You don’t want your business team going to a corporate event spend their time looking for a shuttle to the hotel or other destination. Make a request for a limo from our company instead.

We make sure that every customer will be given the best offer. You can easily arrange a multiple location transportation with us. Go from the CGN Airport to your hotel spend some time there to get ready for your occasion and your limousine will be waiting for you at the hotel’s exit.

Why Get a Limousine Service Cologne?

The chauffeurs are capable of getting you where you need in a fast and professional way. As they are locals, they know how to avoid traffic jams and we can give advice about the best driving schedule to choose. That way you can create a custom route and avoid unproductive time loss. The vehicles used by our company are in a superb technical condition. Before and after every trip we check the limoes used for transportation to make sure that our clients will be safe on the road. As well every chauffeur goes through additional training before he can become a part of our team.

Our team speaks very good English and will be capable of communicating with you easily. No need to get additional translator in that case. We have worked with politicians and world-renowned business people, and managed huge corporate events. Allow us to serve your needs at our best. Send us an online request to get the best limousine service offer that fits you.

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No Limits With First Class Transfer

Public transportation can be a problem as well, it is not made to serve you personally. What we are offering is a customisable, flexible and reliable trip in luxury Mercedes-Benz limo.

Go to have dinner with your business partners, visit the beautiful tourist sights in Cologne. Have a trip out of the city, make a journey around the region guided by our team of specialists.

You can stop at any place where you need it. Just let us know for how long you will need a limousine and what are your destination points. Discover card login in a new way FCT service. We can offer transportation in other regions of Germany and other countries of European Union as well. Check our website for more information.

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