UEFA Euro 2024

Limousine and car transportations for Europe Championship 2024
Enjoy the

European Championship 2024

If you are a football fan, we know you’re excited about the upcoming UEFA Euro 2024. All the best teams in the continent gather once again in a series of matches that is going to show their unique blend of individual technique, teamwork, and simple luck until the absolute champion comes out.

At Black Limousines, our staff will do its part to help you enjoy the Euro 2024 Germany. We have an entire fleet of luxury cars ready to take you and your group to the stadiums. You can go with your family, friends, or even the whole crew from your office: we can offer high-end vehicles of all sizes!

Book a limousine ride with us and enjoy the best of UEFA Euro 2024 with full luxury and comfort!

With Black Limousines, you can get:

  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the reference in the luxury market.
  • English-fluent drivers who are familiar with the local streets.
  • Customized services according to the needs of your group.
  • Full flexibility in terms of scheduling date, time and location.
  • Close attention to the special requests your group may have.

or call us:

+49 221 999 687 40

Where to watch matches?

This time, the UEFA Euro 2024 matches will be held at several locations around the country. You can use the slider below to check when you should be in each city. Make sure to contact BlackLimousines so we can keep track of your itinerary: we want you to make an unforgettable entrance every time!

First class limousine service for the UEFA EM 2024

Our black car service has over ten years of experience in Europe. We work with the best chauffeurs in the continent so as to deliver exceptional service. All you have to do is contact us, whether using your phone, email, online form, or WhatsApp, and relay your needs. We will make them come true.

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Why book a Limousine Ride for Euro 2024?

The table of matches below shows that the EM 2024 games are going to happen in several German cities. It is a tight schedule that will have both professionals and fans travel back and forth all over the country several times. Can you imagine how crowded the streets and highways are going to be?

The only way that you and your group can attend all matches on time is relying on our experience. Black Limousines has been providing VIP transportation in such scenarios for years, so we definitely know how to prepare for them. And that does not mean simply leaving earlier to “beat the traffic”.

We have a team of transportation specialists who work tirelessly to analyze traffic conditions across the country. They will identify the best routes to take each time, and will assign more chauffeurs at the busiest moments. This way, we can meet all demand fluctuations with the same service quality.

Schedule 2024 European Championship

Are you planning what matches you are going to watch? We can help you with that! Here, you can see the schedule of European Champiosnhip matches so far. They are going to start on June 14th, so you still have plenty of time to make plans. We are going to cross our fingers to root for your team!

Group matches

Date Group Team A Team B City Time
June 14th A Germany Scotland Munich 21:00
June 15th A Hungary Switzerland Cologne 15:00
B Spain Croatia Berlin 18:00
B Italy Albania Dortmund 21:00
June 16th D HPlay-off winner A Netherlands Hamburg 15:00
C Slovenia Denmark Stuttgart 18:00
C Serbia England Gelsenkirchen 21:00
June 17th E Play-off winner B Romania Munich 15:00
E Belgium Slovakia Frankfurt 18:00
D Austria France Dusseldorf 21:00
June 18th F Play-off winner C Turkey Dortmund 18:00
F Portugal Czech Republic Leipzig 21:00
June 19th B Croatia Albania Hamburg 15:00
A Germany Hungary Stuttgart 18:00
A Scotland Switzerland Cologne 21:00
June 20th C Slovenia Serbia Munich 15:00
C Denmark England Frankfurt 18:00
B Spain Italy Gelsenkirchen 21:00
June 21th E Play-off winner B Slovakia Dusseldorf 15:00
D Play-off winner A Austria Berlin 18:00
D Netherlands France Leipzig 21:00
June 22th F Play-off winner C Czech Republic Hamburg 15:00
F Turkey Portugal Dortmund 18:00
E Belgium Romania Cologne 21:00
June 23rd A Switzerland Germany Frankfurt 21:00
A Scotland Portugal Dortmund 18:00
June 24th B Croatia Italy Leipzig 21:00
B Albania Spain Dusseldorf 21:00
June 25th D Netherlands Austria Berlin 18:00
D Play-off winner A France Dortmund 18:00
C England Slovenia Cologne 21:00
C Denmark Serbia Munich 21:00
June 26th E Slovakia Romania Frankfurt 18:00
E Play-off winner B Belgium Stuttgart 18:00
F Czech Republic Turkey Hamburg 21:00
F Play-off winner C Portugal Gelsenkirchen 21:00
There will be no EM 2024 matches on July 3rd and 4th.

Round of 16

Date Match Team A Team B City Time
July 5th 45 Winner 39 Winner 37 Stuttgart 18:00
46 Winner 41 Winner 42 Hamburg 21:00
July 6th 47 Winner 43 Winner 44 Berlin 21:00
48 Winner 40 Winner 38 Dusseldorf 18:00
There will be no Euro 2024 matches on July 7th and 8th.

Semi finals

Date Match Team A Team B City Time
July 9th 49 Winner 45 Winner 46 Munich 21:00
July 10th 50 Winner 47 Winner 48 Dortmund 21:00


Date Match Team A Team B City Time
July 14th 51 Winner 49 Winner 50 Berlin 21:00